Our Products

Poplar and Gum Tree Square &
Rectangular Beams

A tree is cut up into sections, with a precision band saw (typically Woodmizer) to give a traditional rafter/floor type aesthetic.

Clients often request that we router the bottom edges to produce ovolo type traditional type molds.


Any sizes from 50 x 250, 75 x 180 etc.
From 1.200m up to 10.00m long


Trusses, rafters, floor joists.


Poplar and Gum Tree
Rough Square Beams

A round pole is trimmed on 4 sides to give a traditional “pit sawn” Provincial/early Cape construction type aesthetic.

One side is cut along its entire length in order to accommodate a floor ceiling, or to act as a lintel.


150 x 150; 180 x 180; 220 x 220
From 1.200m up to 12.000m long


Trusses, rafters, floor joists, lintels

Poplar and Gum Tree
Round Poles

Round, tapered poles for roofing, gazebo’s etc. One side can be “slabbed” to give a straight edge to accommodate a floor, ceiling etc.


Trusses, rafters, floor joists.

Other Products, Bamboo,
Lathes & Timber mouldings

We also supply the following products – Bamboo used for ceilings, Lathes for thatching and Timber mouldings such as corniches and skirtings.


25 – 40mm diameter “spaansriet”
Use for Ceilings


25 – 40mm diameter “latte”
Use for thatching etc

Timber moldings

Cornish and skirting’s